was developed for the purpose of post-sale support of automated external defibrillators ( AEDs ) sold through our parent company,

As one of the industry's leading AED suppliers we know and firmly believe in the necessity of maintaining an AED once deployed. For that reason we have developed this user friendly program to help ensure the AED you purchase is ready when you need it. will consolidate your AED program into an organized system of checks and balances including not only updates on critical equipment such as pads and batteries but updates to ensure you and your staff are up to date on training as well.

Our parent company is an authorized provider for leading AED manufacturers. We have built our reputation on providing reliable products at an affordable cost. Our company is dedicated to educating and providing the public with the products and training necessary to react timely and efficiently during emergency situations.

Together with our network of American Heart Association and American Red Cross Instructors, and state of the art tools such as we strive to ensure our customers are prepared with the equipment, knowledge and support needed to respond to a SCA emergency.

Thank you for your interest in our company.

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