AED Program Management

An AED (Automated External Defibrillator) requires ongoing maintenance and management. Whether your AED program consists of one AED at a home or office, or thousands of AEDs deployed globally, Life Support Systems is the tool you need to ensure your AED is ready when you need it. This is an Exclusive service for all customers.

Features Include:

  • Web-based user login interface
  • Hierarchy of users from program management to site coordinators
  • Receive monthly e-minders to check AED equipment
  • Track and receive critical AED updates
  • Track and be notified of pads and/or battery expiration(s)
  • Track and be notified of CPR/AED certification expiration
  • Log & record monthly checks on AED equipment
  • Log & record incident reports
  • Order replacement pads and/or batteries
  • Receive members only discount on all AED Pads and Batteries

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